HP Race Calibration Kit 1

S 1000 RR

Product description

  • Software tool for keen track riders, optimum add-on for the HP Race Power Kit.
  • Tool for customising the parameters of engine management and DTC (injection, ignition, traction control, shift response HP shift assistant, speed limit for pit lane, deleting adaptation values).
  • Professional tweaking of engine performance and traction for extra-special handling characteristics.
  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).


  • The HP Race Calibration Kit can be used to customise the following parameters of the engine manage-ment system and DTC (see the user guide for details):
  • Fuel injection quantity and ignition timing:
    • Allowing for track-specific ambient conditions such as relative humidity.
    • Custom adaptations to allow for modified powertrain components such as exhaust system, air intake ducting and camshafts.
    • Custom adjustment of response in accordance with rider preferences and track profile (engine power and power development).
  • Traction control:
    • Adjustment of tyre parameters such as circumference, shape and slip to customise the response of the DTC system (control timing/rate).
    • Mode-dependent definition of an angle of heel below which traction control is deactivated to permit wheelies.
    • Total of 9 characteristic maps for adjustment.
    • Custom settings possible for each individual riding mode (Rain, Sport, Race and Slick).
  • Shift response of the HP shift assistant (OE/OA):
    • Adjustment of intervention speed (torque build-up after gearshift).
  • Speed limiter for the pit lane:
    • Maximum engine rpm for 1st gear with starter button pressed.
  • Delete adaptation values:
    • Restore adaptive parameters of the engine management system to the default settings.
    • Adaptation values are settings that the engine management system "learns" automatically to allow for certain motorcycle components such as the throttle-valve assembly and the exhaust system. If the components in question are changed the adaptation values have to be deleted so that the ECU of the engine management system can learn the new values for the modified or new components.


  • The motorcycle's on-board electronic systems are influenced to a very significant extent with the HP Race Calibration Kit. Changing parameters to settings other than standard can lead to critical riding situations for which BMW Motorrad cannot provide safeguards.

Scope of supply

  • Software CD, including installation instructions. Program software in 5 languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Italian).
  • Data cable with USB adapter and ten-pin plug.
  • User guide in 8 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Japa-nese).


  • Retrofit of the HP Race Calibration Kit possible as follows:
    • ECE vehicles without power reduction (type code 0507 without option OE 0703): Retrofit possi-ble with series status or in combination with HP Race Power Kit or in combination with HP tita-nium exhaust system (in preparation).
    • US vehicles (type code 0517) and vehicles with option code 0178 "Control unit Asia“: Retrofit possible only in combination with HP Race Power Kit.
  • Before it can be used for the first time the software has to be installed on a computer as described in the installation instructions. The computer used for this purpose must satisfy certain conditions, in-cluding the following minimum system requirements (see installation instructions for details):
    • MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7.
    • RAM: min. 1 GB
    • USB 2.0 interface.
  • Moreover, the vehicle's control unit has to be enabled by means of an enabling code:
    • If it is not enabled in this way the ECU of the engine management system will not accept the changes to the parameters.
    • Enabling code orderable under BMW part number (not included in scope of supply)


  • Changing parameters of the engine management system (injection and ignition timing) on a motorcycle with the standard control unit has different results in the 4 riding modes RAIN, SPORT, RACE and SLICK, whereas in the case of a control unit with the racing data set (HP Race Power Kit) the effect is the same in all 4 modes.
  • This is on account of the different point of departure: With the racing data set engine management is the same for all 4 modes (full engine power is always available). With the standard data set engine power depends on the mode selected.


  • The full scope of adaptation and modification for traction control is available only with the HP Race Power Kit. When used in combination with a standard control unit, the functionality differs from that available with the HP Race Power Kit as follows:
  • - The adaptation functions of the standard control unit for correction of tyre radius can act contrary to the modifica-tions made in the HP Race Calibration Kit.
  • - With the standard control unit, deactivation of traction control by angle of heel (LeanAngleDTCon) is possibly only in the SLICK mode, subject to restriction.
  • On account of these constraints that apply when the HP Race Calibration Kit is used with the standard control unit, in individual cases unforeseen drawbacks can be encountered with traction control and therefore with the stability of the motorcycle.

Modifying and transferring the data

  • Warnings requiring acknowledgement by the user appear each time the program is started (see at-tachment 2 of the product information brochure). These warnings draw attention to several points, including the fact that changing parameters can lead to critical riding situations for which BMW Motorrad cannot provide safeguards.
  • The parameters that can be changed with the HP Race Calibration Kit are grouped by the subjects injection, ignition timing, DTC, shift assistant and pit-lane speed limiter. Each subject is represented by a tab showing the corresponding parameters.
  • Changing parameters is a matter of switching certain functions on or off by means of checkboxes and entering values (characteristic values, characteristic maps and characteristic curves).
    • Checkboxes: For example 'Lambda control OFF', 'Overrun cut-off OFF', 'Knock control OFF'.
    • Characteristic values: For example, 'Tyre radius front/rear'.
    • Characteristic maps (values table with 2 axes): For example 'Mixture correction factor' (for adapting injection time as a function of engine rpm and throttle-valve angle), 'Ignition correction offset' (for adapting ignition timing as a function of engine rpm and throttle-valve angle).
    • Characteristic curves (values table with 1 axis): For example 'GripLevel'.
  • See the instructions for use for detailed descriptions of the adaptable parameters.
  • Parameters that the customer has changed can be reset to the defaults in the menu (menu bar, "Da-ta").
  • The settings in the data records can be worked on without actually connecting to the motorcycle.
  • The connection has to be established with a data cable in order for data to be transferred between the computer and the motorcycle.
  • The data record is always transmitted in its entirety (a data record consists of a fixed number of editable parameters). The data are active as soon as they have been transferred to the control unit and remain active until overwritten.
  • It is also possible to export data from the motorcycle to the computer.
  • A data record can be saved in a file or loaded from a file. This makes it possible to administrate a library of data records and exchange records with other users.

Recommended in combination with:

  • HP Race Power Kit.
    • Note: In the case of US vehicles, the HP Race Calibration Kit retrofit is possible only in combina-tion with the HP Race Power Kit.
  • HP Race Cover Kit.
  • HP Race shift pattern reversal.
  • HP Race Engine Kit 1


  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).


  • High Performance stickers for visual enhancement:
    • 2 colour schemes: Transparent with blue "HP High Performance Parts" logo and black with white lettering.
    • For application for example high on the left and/or right side of the rear side panel.
    • Sizes (WxH): 160x35 mm.

Order information

Designation: HP Race Calibration Kit(1)
Part number: 77 53 8 522 208

Designation: (+)Enabling code for HP Race Calibration Kit
Part number: 13 61 8 522 449

(1) Essential for initial operation
(+) US motorcycles only in combination with HP Race Power Kit