HP2 Sport, R 1200 S, S 1000 RR, HP 4

Product description

  • A Laptimer available as an option can be connected to the HP instrument panel for track racing.
  • Suitable for the following models:
    • HP2 Sport: The HP instrument panel is standard equipment.
    • R 1200 S and K 1200 R, K 1200 R Sport, K 1200 S and their facelifts: The HP instrument panel can be retrofitted as an accessory (see Product Information No. 99/2008).
    • S 1000 RR and HP 4: Laptimer to match the standard instrument panel.
  • Function of the Laptimer: The HP instrument panel and the instrument panel of the S 1000 RR and HP 4can both be used to log top speed and lowest speed, lap times, etc. of more than 50 race laps. In order for the laps to be logged in this way, it must be possible to mark the start and finish of each individual lap:
    • Without the Laptimer, the rider must confirm the start of each lap manually by pressing the SET button or the headlight flasher button.
    • The Laptimer dispenses with manual confirmation. The laps are recorded automatically using an infrared receiver on the motorcycle and an infrared transmitter positioned on the racetrack.
  • Advantages:
    • Absolutely accurate marking of the start and finish of each individual lap.
    • Higher level of convenience and more safety for the rider (nothing to distract the rider's attention).
  • Infrared receiver:
    • Weatherproof housing.
    • Connects to an unused plug of the accessories wiring harness. The point of connection is easily accessible – to prevent theft the infrared receiver can simply be removed from the motorcycle at any time.
  • Infrared transmitter:
    • Weatherproof plastic housing.
    • Connecting cable for power supply (12 V) with plug for cigarette-lighter socket.
    • Range of infrared transmitter: Up to 20 m.
  • A single infrared transmitter can be used by a number of riders (each with an infrared receiver of his or her own).
  • It is advisable to use only one infrared transmitter at a time on the track, because otherwise under certain circumstances there is a possibility of incorrect lap times being logged.
  • Note: The power supply of the infrared transmitter is not included in the scope of supply. There are several ways in which a power supply can be provided:
    • Connection to a motorcycle battery (removed for the purpose): This configuration requires the motorcycle battery plus the adapter cable for the charger. The two crocodile clips can be used to connect the wires of the adapter cable to the appropriate terminals of the battery.
    • Commercially available 12V power supply unit. Plug of the infrared transmitter can be plugged into a cigarette-lighter socket (with adapter) or a motorcycle on-board socket (without adapter). (Adapter is included in the scope of supply of the infrared transmitter.)

Order information

Designation: Infrared transmitter for lap timer
Part number: 71 60 7 715 836

Designation: (+)Infrared receiver for lap timer
Part number: 71 60 7 715 830

Designation: (+)Wiring harness and CD (HP2 Sport only)
Part number: 71 60 7 719 833

Designation: Adapter lead, charger (for connecting infrared transmitter to motorcycle battery)
Part number: 71 60 7 690 235

(+) Essential for initial operation