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HP Race pit-stop carpet

Product description

  • Mat for placing underneath one motorcycle, 250x115 cm.
  • Attractive design with "BMW Motorrad HP Race Parts" logotype.
  • For pit-stop use at race venues and also in the workshop or garage.
  • Upgrade the team's appearance.
  • Protection for the ground, for example to prevent staining with oil or fuel.
  • Compliant with the binding FIM requirements for minimum size, absorbency and thickness.
  • Water capacity: Approx. 3-4 l/m².
  • Dirt capacity: Approx. 600 g/m².
  • Overall thickness: 8-10 mm.
  • Weight per unit area: 2.5 kg/m².
  • Edging approx. 2 cm wide, 2.4 mm thick.
  • Top material: 100 % high-twist nylon.
  • Backing: 100 % nitrile rubber.
  • Machine washable up to max. 60 °C.


  • The use of a pit-stop carpet is dictated by the FIM and many other organizations in order to prevent ground pollution

Recommended in combination with

  • Paddock Stand
  • HP Race chain tensioner (includes the HP Race paddock stand adapter)

Order information

Designation: HP Race pit-stop carpet
Part number: 77 02 8 543 243