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HP Race tyre warmers

S 1000 RR, HP4 (ECE)

Product description

  • Set of professional-grade tyre warmers.
  • For rapid, uniform warming of tyre and rim.
  • Patented carbon-fibre heating technology.


  • Set of professional-grade tyre warmers for 17" wheels in special High Performance design.
  • Quickest possible, uniform warming of tyres and rims for maximum grip and longer life.
  • Patented carbon-fibre heating technology from KLS (mat technology) free of local hotspots.
    • Advantages vis-à-vis conventional heating technologies are detailed below.
  • Three-dimensionally preshaped heating elements for optimum fit and optimum heat transfer.
  • Asymmetric heating profile.
    • Approximately 15 % more heating power acting on the cornering lean zones of the tyre than in the centre straight-ahead zone. Consequently, the lean zones for cornering offer sufficient grip even when heating times are very short.
  • 2 heating stages: 60 °C and 85 °C.
  • 2 precision thermostats for achieving exact tyre temperature presets irrespective of ambient condi-tions.
  • 60 °C stage:
    • Heating of highly temperature-sensitive tyres, e.g. rain tyres or intermediates.
    • Keeping the tyres at a "grip-sustaining" temperature level even for lengthy periods without dam-aging side-effects, e.g. when tyres have to be kept warm during long breaks or breaks of uncertain duration. It is advisable to switch to the 85 °C stage about 10 minutes before racing resumes, in order to bring he tyres up to the optimum operating temperature.
  • 85 °C stage:
    • Warm-up time at an ambient temperature of 20 °C is approximately 30 minutes to 85-90 °C tyre temperature and approx. 45 °C rim temperature.
    • The high end temperature of tyre and rim also means that waits are easily bridged (pre-race waits, etc.).
  • Highly efficient insulating material:
    • Outer material and Velcro fastener tab made of SuperTex: airtight, heat-retaining, water-repellent, dirt-repellent, washable.
    • Inside made of highly heat-resistant Nomex (aramid fibres).
  • XXL side coverage extending past the rim horn.
    • Protects the sidewalls of the tyre and the rim from chilly winds.
    • Improved spring properties of the tyre.
    • Constant tyre pressure because of slightly higher rim temperature.
  • Status indicator LED to show operating status:
    • LED red: Active, thermostat-controlled heating mode.
    • LED green: Tyre warmer connected to fully functional electricity supply.
  • Quick and easy fitting/removal by means of a central Velcro fastener tab and embedded rubber retaining strap in the side.
  • Electricity supply by connecting cable approx. 1.4 m long with Euro-standard plug and strain relief.
  • All-round strip in High Performance design, secured by Velcro fastener, easy to remove for cleaning if dirtied.
  • Including practical tote bag for storage and transport.
  • Sizes: 120-17“ (front), 190-17“ (rear).
  • Scope of supply: Set of front and rear tyre warmers, tote bag, instructions for use (German, English).

Advantages of the patented carbon-fibre heating technology (vis-à-vis conventional heating tech-nologies):

  • The following points have to be taken into consideration regarding tyre warming:
    • Depending on temperature and heating time, the introduction of heat can cause hardening of the tyre rubber (post-vulcanisation).
    • Hotspots cause excessive escape of plasticisers from the tyre's outer layer and this in turn leads to premature hardening of the tyre. Under worst-case conditions severe differences in temperature can cause separation between individual layers of rubber.
    • Heat introduced unevenly into the tyre spreads relatively poorly through the tyre.
  • Consequently, the objective is to heat the tyre up as quickly as possible but also uniformly.
  • This objective is achieved by the BMW Motorrad HP Race tyre warmers with patented carbon-fibre heating technology from KLS by the following features:
    • Totally uniform transfer of heating power without local temperature spikes by an electrically conductive, flexible carbon heating mat with heating fibres with an aggregate length of up to 200 metres.
    • Warm-up phase shortened by optimum thermal insulation made of Nomex and an airtight outer envelope.
    • Rim is heated quickly, so temperature conditions are optimal through the entire wheel.
  • The graphic above illustrates the difference between the patented carbon-fibre heating technology and conventional heating technologies:
    • The zones showing light grey are indicative of a temperature of approximately 80-85 °C. The dark lines indicate localised overheating.
    • The tyre heated with the patented carbon fibre heating technology is free of local hotspots; the grey colouration (indicative of temperature in the range approx. 80-85 °C) is uniform.

Recommended in combination with:

  • Sport auxiliary stand
  • HP Race pit-stop carpet
  • HP Race chain tensioner (includes the HP Race paddock stand adapter)

Order information

Designation: HP Race tyre warmers
Part number: 77 02 8 543 059