ZĂ© Helio

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  • Name/prename: Jose Helio Gonçalves Rodrigues Filho (ZE HELIO)
  • Date of birth: 16/03/1979
  • Place of birth: Sao Paulo/Brasil
  • Home: Sao Paulo/Brasil
  • Family status: Single
  • Profession: Cross Country Pilot
  • Hobbies: Wake board and Light Sport Aircraft
  • Passion: Off Road race
  • Favorite drink: Coconut water
  • Favorite dish: Barbecue
  • Favorite country: USA
  • Favorite actor: Wagner Moura (Brasilian)
  • Favorite actress: Jennifer Aniston
  • Personal cars: Toyota
  • Personal bikes: Suzuki
  • Dream car: BMW-X6M
  • Dream bike: GS 1200 Adventure
  • Team: BMW motorrad by speedbrain
  • Most respected riders: Marc Coma, Stefan Everts
  • Favorite tracks: Seminoles Tribe Mx Park (USA)
  • First bike: Mini enduro
  • First race: Bracao enduro
  • Own website: www.zehelio.com

Most memorable results:

  • 5 time Rally Sertoes champion
  • Best American Rider in Dakar 2009 12nd in general and 3rd in 450cc