The Ultimate Riding Machine - safety first.

You can only really enjoy something if you have no cause to worry. This applies especially to motorcyclists. Yet boundless freedom on two wheels requires technology that is perfectly harmonised and completely reliable. For this reason, BMW Motorrad works continuously to develop innovative solutions and new ideas for maximum safety and carefree riding pleasure.

Of all manufacturers, BMW Motorrad offers a safety concept which is absolutely unique because of its perfectly harmonised integration. It is based on three areas which dovetail smoothly with one another: innovative safety technologies in the motorcycle itself, the very highest quality and functional rider equipment and a program of qualified rider training courses for every skill level and every type of terrain.

These three areas cover the entire spectrum of active and passive riding safety. And as a pioneer in the area of safety, BMW is constantly involved in the further refinement of this concept.

With ABS now standard equipment on all models, BMW Motorrad defines the safety standards for all motorcycle manufacturers. According to EU law, newly registered motorcycles will not have to be fitted with ABS until 2016. Once again, BMW Motorrad is way ahead of the competition - and way ahead of the times.

As far as we are concerned, safety is part of our social responsibility. And this will remain so in the future. That's one thing you can rely on.