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Installed millions of times in motor vehicles, this tried and tested onboard electronic single wire system (SWS) provides a great many advantages. It reduces cabling, and its CAN technology (controller area network) integrates all controllers in a network for the greatly simplified generation of extensive diagnostics.

Moreover, it does away with conventional safety fuses because the system automatically switches off the components affected by a malfunction. Other advantages of this intelligent motorcycle electrical system are weight reduction in the cable harness, increased functional reliability, and full diagnostics capacity.

CAN bus technology in combination with the BMW Motorrad single wire system is thus a data network concept which makes do with a single data line. This connects various control units, rather like stops along a bus route (which is where the name “bus” technology comes from), allowing permanent access to all data in the system.

The principle underlying this technology is that all control units, sensors, and consumers are linked into a network via a single shared channel through which all signals converge, regardless of their later function. This network therefore makes all information available at all times for all of the components connected to it.

Also the rider can access the SWS data and view a great many details on the info flat screen. For instance, the digital display presents the gear selected, the fuel level, the oil temperature, the time, and the range until the fuel reserve is reached. At the same time, a photocell monitors the ambient brightness and adjusts the instrument lighting automatically. Yet the cockpit will also appeal to fans of analogue gauges. Two round instruments with white dials present the road and engine speeds.