Comfort & ergonomics


Riding fun and safety can be even better: with the right seat height. BMW Motorrad offers individual configurations for nearly every model. For individually variable ergonomics and the perfect symbiosis with your own machine.

Stability is important if the rider is to master his motorcycle – above all at traffic lights and during manoeuvres. It is affected essentially by the following factors:
• The height of the motorcycle: enduro machines are overall higher owing to their longer spring travel.
• Vehicle weight and centre of gravity: BMW motorcycles receive full points for their very low centre of gravity.
• The seat width at the front: BMW Motorrad seats are narrower at the front. Dismounting is therefore easier.

The wider the seat, the larger the inner leg curve also has to be. When seated at the same height therefore, you could be safely reaching the ground with both feet on the one bike, and barely tiptoeing on the next – depending on the width of the seat. BMW Motorrad integrates these findings in the design of its seats. The result: the ground is within easy reach, but without sacrifice to comfort.

Individual BMW motorcycles can be lowered in one of two ways: either at the continuously adjustable strut and fixed tubes (this can be done by the rider), or with a special lowering kit available ex works.

On individual seats, the height of the rider's seat can be adjusted at a variable saddle bracket. This is done very quickly without tools. And there is no sacrifice to the full range of comfort. In this manner, the seat can be lowered by as much as 30 mm.

BMW Motorrad also offers seats of various heights (reduced upholstery low seat or extra upholstery high seat). These can be ordered ex works at no additional charge. Yet they can also be retrofitted as optional accessories. The seat height can therefore be adjusted by 30–40 mm.