Comfort & ergonomics


Launched at the end of 2009, the multicontroller as a constituent of an integrated control concept was a novelty on the motorcycle sector. Integrated on the inside of the left handlebar grip and therefore within optimal reach at all times, it supersedes the predecessor functional unit installed on the handlebar.

The essential advantage presented by the multicontroller over an expanse of control elements is that the operating hand can remain on the handlebar. The multicontroller can be turned up and down and tilted to the left and right. Unlike a keypad, the multicontroller can be operated by the rider with his eyes firmly on the road ahead. The audio system's Bluetooth function can transfer audio, telephone, and navigation signals to the loudspeakers in the rider's and pillion's helmets. And here too, the multicontroller presents a special comfort feature: it can be used to regulate the loudspeaker volume in the helmet, and the hand can remain on the handlebar.

In addition to operating the audio system, the multicontroller can also be used to select other menu functions on the TFT colour display. These include e.g. the onboard computer, ESA II, the navigation system, and the heated grips and seat. In addition, the rider can access the setup menu for configuring his vehicle and his own preferences. For instance, the language can be changed or the xenon headlamp configured for riding on the right or left.

The menu structure was developed specifically for motorcycle requirements and optimised over a series of user tests. For reasons of riding safety, the menu structure was kept shallow, with the minimum number of diverting submenus. In addition, the functions that can be accessed in ride mode are reduced even further. By programming the Favourites key, the rider can access directly his most important function, e.g. the menu for the navigation system. Hence both the number of keys and the ease of operation have been optimised to a practical level.