Navigation & communication


The BMW Motorrad Bluetooth communication system is based on the Bluetooth standard 2.0 and makes a wireless voice link possible between two helmets and other Bluetooth components like a navigation system, mobile telephone, or MP3 player.

The communication system is made up of a mainboard, a boom microphone, two loudspeakers for installing in the helmet, and NiMH batteries that can provide power for up to ten or twelve hours. The system is operated at a three button module that is precision fitted to the rear side of the helmet.

The BMW Motorrad communication system is designed for spoken conversations between the rider and pillion, but also allows communication with other Bluetooth devices.

For example, besides his conversation with the pillion, the rider can also receive spoken instructions from the BMW Motorrad Navigator, make telephone calls, or listen to music, when the devices are Bluetooth compatible.

The BMW Motorrad communication system also supports conversations from motorcycle to motorcycle. Depending on the environment, the system can bridge a distance of 100 metres, with little deterioration in speech quality, when there is a clear line of sight. When the connection fails over larger distances or under adverse conditions, it is reinstated automatically when the devices again come within distance of each other.