Navigation & communication


The BMW Motorrad System 6 helmet makes a wireless voice link possible between two helmets and other Bluetooth components like a navigation system, mobile telephone, or MP3 player. The new system is now based on the Bluetooth standard 2.0 and presents a comfortable communication solution.

For example, the rider can now hear the spoken instructions from the BMW Motorrad Navigator IV without first having to interrupt his interhelmet conversation.

Moreover, certain acoustic signals and communication system functions have been supplemented with plaintext announcements in English. Apart from the navigation system, either of the two helmets can be coupled to a music player or mobile telephone, provided these are Bluetooth compatible.

The geometry of the BMW Motorrad communication system has been tailored specifically to the BMW Motorrad System 6 helmet. The control module with the three control keys can be fitted optimally to the contours of the new BMW Motorrad helmet. It is available in two sizes for each size of helmet shell.

Of course, all other components like the microphone mount and strain relief match the geometry of the BMW Motorrad System 6 helmet so that the new communication system can be installed easily and without problems. The system is powered by NiMH batteries for up to ten or twelve hours.

The BMW Motorrad communication system is designed primarily for communication between the rider and pillion. Nevertheless, conversations from motorcycle to motorcycle are possible with certain limitations. Depending on the riding situation, the system can bridge distances of 30–100 metres when there is a clear line of sight. This is more than adequate in many riding situations. However, the function depends on the ambient conditions.