For decades now, BMW Motorrad has been regarded as a frontrunner when it comes to issues of safety in connection with motorcycling. With its innovative strength, BMW Motorrad established itself as a trendsetter very early on and will continue to offer additional safety benefits for motorcycling.

The latest example of the innovative power of BMW Motorrad in this area is the first ever full LED headlight with integrated daytime running light to be used in serial motorcycle production, available for the first time for the R 1200 GS. Globally unique, this LED main headlight with daytime running function illuminates the road with a level of clarity not previously known. The headlight’s LEDs are strikingly distinctive and powerful with their twin glass lenses. The option also includes a rear light with two light bands, making for an even more high-quality rear view.

The automatic switchover between daytime running light and low beam can be set to automatic in the instrument cluster menu.

With daytime running switched on, the motorcyclist benefits from significantly increased perceptibility and therefore increased safety. In addition, there is the striking look of the horizontal “U” which – like the light rings in the K 1600 models – is an unmistakable trademark of the new GS.

The light unit consists of two LED units each for low and high beam, as well as four additional LED units for daytime running light and side light. These are mounted on a central heat sink made of die-cast aluminium. Behind the heat sink there is an axial fan. An additional air ducting element directs the warm air onto the glass panel, thereby generating air circulation inside the headlight. This air circulation ensures decondensation of the headlight, also contributing actively to de-icing of the lens in winter.