After intensive research and trials, BMW Motorrad as the world's leading maker of innovative motorcycle safety systems launched the neck brace system in time for the 2007 motorcycle season. Up to this time, many items of safety equipment left the sensitive area around the neck and throat unprotected. Although accident injuries to this region of the body occur only rarely when compared statistically with other body regions, they do pose a much greater risk to the motorcycle rider. Often, the consequences of these injuries are dire.

To close this hole presented by many safety concepts, BMW Motorrad can offer the neck brace system based on sound scientific findings. The main aim was to reduce the risk of injury to the cervical spine area as a result of falls. These are mainly caused by whiplash (in over 60% of the cervical spine cases) and spinal compression under the force of the helmet.

The principle underlying the BMW Motorrad neck brace system is simple: to cushion the head in a controlled manner when a large force is applied to it, preventing it from moving into any dangerous, extreme angle.

The special design of the BMW Motorrad neck brace system achieves this fourfold with: impact absorbent materials on the surface and body contact area, highly elastic constituents, the interaction of moving parts with friction and energy absorbent surfaces, and predefined breaking points.

The system's effectiveness is based on the fact that the typical force patterns causing injury are conducted directly from the head to the upper body. This diverts the forces away from the vertebrae of the cervical spine.

Made up of high quality, lightweight materials like CRP und kevlar, the BMW Motorrad neck brace system is a featherweight for enhanced wearing comfort. This may restrict somewhat the head’s freedom of movement on all sides, but it does effectively prevent whiplash.

Nevertheless, there is no restriction on any of the axes or sight angles required for the full experience of motorcycling. The rider quickly becomes accustomed and soon forgets it is there while travelling. Even on longer tours, at higher speeds, or during hard, fast changing offroad riding, the BMW Motorrad neck brace system rests very lightly on the shoulders and is scarcely perceptible. The BMW Motorrad neck brace system can be donned either over or under the customary motorcycle jackets. It consists of a front and rear section connected with two clasps. These robust, easy to use clasps allow the system to be closed or opened very quickly from right to left or vice versa. The clasp mechanism can also be opened and closed conveniently with one hand.

The system was originally developed for motor racing, so a number of professional rally and enduro riders already use the neck system. Yet the BMW Motorrad neck brace system is not just for offroad sports, it is just the right choice for use on the road, too. There is no general limitation on the target group. The BMW Motorrad neck brace system offers every safety conscious motorcyclist a great safety bonus – from the professional to the beginner, on all motorcycle segments including those outside of the sports segment such as the touring bikers.

The BMW Motorrad neck brace system is available in two sizes: one for children and young people aged from about 5–16 or for people of small stature, and one for adults. It can be adjusted with ease to any rider and is supplied in three different lengths with spacers. The collar can therefore be extended or shortened for the best fit.

The BMW Motorrad neck brace system can be combined with all BMW Motorrad helmets and all of the common competitor models. Integral helmets are recommended for use with the BMW Motorrad neck brace system, but the system is also effective with jet helmets. The system is also suitable for the BMW Motorrad back protector and many others. Worn simply over the jacket, the BMW Motorrad neck brace system can be used with every BMW Motorrad jacket or the BMW Motorrad protector shirt.

The BMW Motorrad protector shirt has a facility that is designed to take the back bar of the neck support. Only superbike riders with a protuberance on their leather suit have to make a small modification. A small opening must be made between the protuberance and the suit so that the back bar can slide inside.