See and be seen – thanks to xenon technology as clearly as never before: the world's first manufacturer to do so, BMW Motorrad offers ex works the optional dipped xenon headlight designed specifically for motorcycles.

This engineering innovation now makes BMW motorcycling even safer and more comfortable. Not only that, the dipped xenon headlight consumes about 30% less power than conventional halogen lamps, with a considerably longer service life to boot.

The characteristically bluish light beam generated by xenon technology is about twice as powerful as from conventional halogen lamps. Designed specifically for the motorcycle xenon light, a cylindrical beam diaphragm for the reflector prevents undesired stray light and dazzling, culminating in a considerably improved and more uniform road illumination at night and in poor visibility. The rider can therefore recognise potential risk situations essentially earlier - and be recognised at a crucially earlier time by other road users.

Xenon lamps generate their light according to the gas discharge principle. A spark generated between two electrodes causes a “tube” of ionised gas to form in a xenon filled bulb through which electric current passes, causing the gas to glow. Luminous efficiency and luminance are therefore greater than with conventional halogen bulbs. The spectral composition of xenon light very closely approximates that of natural daylight, therefore enhancing the motorcyclist's visual comfort to a considerable degree.

The BMW Motorrad dipped xenon headlight represents yet another milestone for even greater active motorcycling safety and comfort.