In order to suit various purposes such as riding on the road, on wet surfaces or over rough terrain, BMW Motorrad now offers the rider of the new R 1200 GS five different riding modes with three different electromotive throttle actuator settings, three different ABS settings and four ASC settings. To make the required setting, the “Mode” switch on the right of the handlebar unit is activated until the display in the instrument panel shows the desired riding mode. It is also possible to implement the rider’s command during travel: the mode change is made by moving the throttle twist grip to idle with the clutch lever pulled. When the motorcycle is restarted, the last selected setting is always maintained.

The optional feature includes Automatic Stability Control (ASC) in a special enduro configuration for the enduro and enduro Pro modes. A special enduro configuration for the standard BMW Motorrad ABS is also featured – this is also used in the enduro and enduro pro configurations. Another optional feature is Dynamic ESA integrated in the system of modes. Road holding is adjusted precisely depending on the riding mode selected (see Suspension section).

When riding on wet surfaces or in difficult grip conditions, “Rain” mode provides especially soft dosage and response characteristics to support the rider, though full torque and output potential are still retained. The electronic control system ASC (Automatic Stability Control) responds more readily than in “Road” mode. If the Dynamic ESA option is selected, the damping of the spring struts at front and rear is softer, in keeping with the conditions.

In “Road” mode, the control systems are set to ensure optimum performance on dry roads. This mode provides a spontaneous, linear throttle response on dry roads. “Road” combines sound, supple controllability with a homogeneous build-up of torque.
“Dynamic” mode reveals the sportiest face of the new BMW R 1200 GS for road riding. An even more spontaneous and direct throttle response, more restrained ASC intervention and tighter damping in the case of the Dynamic ESA option bring the full potential of the machine to bear.

The “Enduro” mode enhances the R 1200 GS for off-road riding. A soft throttle response, restrained control intervention on the part of the Enduro ASC, optimum brake distribution and ABS control in conjunction with the high-traction set-up of the optional Dynamic ESA get the motorcycle ready to explore new enduro worlds. This means that even motorcyclists with limited enduro experience will quickly get their off-road bearings on the new R 1200 GS and enjoy lots of riding fun. The mode is optimised for use with standard tyres.

For more ambitious enduro riders, BMW Motorrad offers the “Enduro Pro” mode. This riding mode provides spontaneous engine response characteristics and is designed for use with studded tyres. At the same time, the ABS function is disengaged at the rear by pressing the footbrake lever; the optional Dynamic ESA shifts into traction-oriented and optimum bottom-out set-up. ASC is set to professional enduro mode and permits considerably more slip. In this configuration, the sporty face of the new BMW R 1200 GS is revealed off-road, too, and the experienced enduro rider can move into an added dimension of riding fun due to further improved controllability of the machine.