Suspension based on a single sided swing arm is a traditional BMW hallmark. And this for a good reason. Compared with the conventional designs with two swing arms, the single sided swing arm helps to save weight and raise torsional rigidity at the same time, and greatly simplifies the removal and installation of the rear wheel to boot.

Once the central nut has been removed, the rear wheel can be removed with ease, e.g. for a tyre change. The drive itself remains unaffected, for instance there is no change to the tension in the toothed belt. Owing to its wide design, this unconventional rear wheel suspension makes sure that the rear wheel is always aligned correctly in the direction of travel.

The rear gear wheel, toothed belt, and front pinion therefore all lie flush. The toothed belt drive and the single sided swing arm present the ideal marriage of their advantages, unique in motorcycle design for even greater riding ease.