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Toothed belt drive F 800 S/
F 800 ST

The innovative rear wheel drive of the F 800 S/ST, in which a toothed belt transfers engine power to the rear wheel, ensures clean and maintenance-free power transmission. Together with the single-sided swing arm in light alloy, it is an entirely new concept in motorcycle design. With this combination, the secondary drive of the F 800 S/ST can be regarded as the equivalent of the clean and low-maintenance shaft drive of the R and K series. Specially developed for BMW Motorrad, the toothed belt not only runs extremely quietly, but it is also extremely durable due to its Aramide fibre reinforcement. Once the correct tension has been set during the first service, it is checked every 10,000 km, with a routine replacement being carried out at 40,000 km. The toothed belt is tightened over the bearing which guides the rear wheel in the single-sided swing arm. The mono swing arm ensures that the rear wheel is always positioned perfectly.

Since the belt is constantly under tension, possible load change reactions are minimised. This is a great advantage when compared to conventional chain drive. The load change reactions are additionally reduced by means of a jerk damper fitted with four elastomer blocks. The durability of the drive system is ensured by the toothed belt wheel in stainless steel and the output pinion gear which has a steel inner core; the sprocket consists of a sintered metal alloy. This combination ensures minimum wear. Due to the weight saving compared to chain drive, centrifugal forces are also reduced, thus improving the efficiency of power transmission.