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Electrohydraulic centre stand

Within the BMW Motorrad product range, the luxury tourer K 1200 LT represents the maximum possible in terms of detail perfection and operating comfort. In this connection, our engineers have developed the world’s first electrohydraulic centre stand: it enables the K 1200 LT to be placed on its centre stand effortlessly at the press of a button when sitting on the bike - even with a pillion passenger and luggage load. This new feature provides an entirely new level of convenience as well as an enormous increase in safety for a luxurious motorcycle in this category.

The centre stand is extended by means of a button on the right-hand grip. An electrical pump builds up pressure in the hydraulic system and safely unfolds the centre stand without any further manual assistance. There is no possibility of the motorcycle tipping over as with a manually operated stand. And since the motorcycle no longer has to be banked for parking purposes, even narrow parking spaces can conveniently be used.