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Ergonomic considerations are of key importance to BMW Motorrad engineers when designing components and their interaction with the motorcycle. This is why BMW motorcycles are regarded as being particularly comfortable and ideal for long distances - a result of the optimum interaction between rider, passenger and bike. It starts with the seating position of rider and passenger, includes the height, texture and position of the handlebars and footrests, the shaping, hardness and design of the seat, as well as the width and shape of the fuel tank. Optimum wind protection with a low level of wind noise are also important on long tours. Since the quality of wind protection depends to a large extent on the height of the rider, the touring bikes R 1200 RT, K 1200 LT and K 1200 GT are fitted with electrically height-adjustable windshields and thus provide increased comfort. In the case of the sports touring bike R 1200 ST as well as the travel enduro R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure, the height and angle of the trim shield can also be manually adapted.

Most flat twin "boxer" models and 4-cylinder models have a height-adjustable seat. In all models apart from the K 1200 LT and the HP models, higher or lower seats are optionally available. The seating position can thus be changed to the ideal height in relation to the handlebars and footrests to suit the size of the rider - in the R 1200 GS a unique seat height variability from 810 mm to 890 mm is achieved. Since the newly designed seat of the R 1200 GS, the so-called leg arch length is always used as a unit of measurement (i.e. the length of the inner leg as a total distance between the two points at which the feet are placed). After all, not only the absolute height of the seat bench will determine whether the rider reaches the ground comfortably with both feet when standing, but also the shape and width, especially of the front section. This type of ergonomically optimised design of the seat in many new BMW Motorrad models means that even shorter riders will be able to stand securely in spite of the same seat height as in the predecessor model.

The BMW R 1200 ST is also fitted with adjustable handlebar halves. The handlebar ends can be height-adjusted in three stages by a total of 25 mm. The tourer K 1200 LT also offers passengers optional height-adjustable footrest plates for a relaxed leg posture.

The handlebar controls are designed according to ergonomic principles. The low level of force required and individual adjustment facilities at the hand levers for clutch (all models) and brake (R and K Series) facilitate fine tuning of brake and clutch and enable fatigue-free riding, thus making an important contribution to active safety.

Warm hands are also a part of feeling good on a motorcycle. They increase the rider's capacity to concentrate and thus also enhance active safety. This is why BMW motorcycles are optionally available with handlebar grips which can be adjusted to multiple levels, in future with automatic heating function in successive models. Owners of the K 1200 RS, K 1200 GT, K 1200 LT and R 1200 RT enjoy a special luxury: these models spoil both rider and passenger with heated seats as a special accessory. BMW Motorrad meets the needs of the pillion with extremely comfortable pillion seats. The needs of the pillion are catered for by especially comfortable pillion seats. Long tours therefore become a fatigue-free pleasure for all on board.