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RDC (tyre pressure monitor)

The correct tyre pressure is a crucial factor for safety and performance - especially in motorcycling. Only tyres which have he pressure recommended by the manufacturer can offer optimum performance as well as reduced energy consumption. In order to ensure this requirement is fulfilled at all times, BMW Motorrad now has a unique tyre pressure control system in its program.

Anyone who has ever ridden with insufficient tyre pressure knows just how much - and how dangerously - the handling of the machine deteriorates. Of course, this is why one should check tyre pressure at regular intervals and before lengthier trips. A sudden or slow loss of pressure is possible at any time while on the road - e.g. due to damaged valves or foreign bodies - and this poses a significant risk.

BMW Motorrad's RDC system provides the rider with reliable information on the current tyre pressure. It is operates by means of a battery-powered sensor mounted on the rim inside the tyre. This transmits the measuring data via the CAN bus system to the info flatscreen in the cockpit. If there is a significant change in the previously set level, a yellow or red light (depending on the size of the deviation) warns the rider of the pressure loss.

The warning occurs when the pressure is still within the safe range, but is falling rapidly. If a sensor fails, this is also indicated to the rider immediately.

RDC is thus a key step towards greater road safety on the motorcycle.