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Single-sided swing arm F 800 S/F 800 ST

Suspension using a single-sided swing arm is a well-known BMW trade mark and for good reason: it makes the wheel easier to remove and can be designed for extreme twist resistance and lightness. In the case of the F 800 S/ST, the swing arm is made of light alloy chill casting. Once the central nut has been released, the rear wheel can easily be removed - in order to change the tyre, for example. The correct tension of the toothed belt is retained. Due to its wide design, the unconventional rear wheel suspension ensures that the rear wheel is always correctly fixed lengthwise. The rear gear wheel, toothed belt and front pinion are thus also automatically flush. At the front, the single-sided swing arm is on the same axle which connects the engine to the chassis, pivoted by means of maintenance-free and sealed needle bearings.
Toothed belt drive and single-sided swing arm combine their benefits in an ideal fashion which is unique in motorcycle construction, making motorcycling even more trouble-free.