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c evolution

Motorcycle accessories for C evolution



Waterproof and with lid finishers in Ionic silver metallic – the 35 l topcase is mounted on the optional luggage carrier and, if you wish, comes with a backrest pad offering extra comfort for the passenger.

· Waterproof plastic topcase
· Capacity: approx. 35 l, big enough to accommodate 1 helmet
· Lid finishers in vehicle colour
· Rear reflector on lid
· Weight: Approx. 4.5 kg
· Single key locking system for vehicle key possible
· Optional: liner for topcase, backrest pad for topcase
· Colour: black/Ionic silver metallic

Luggage carrier

Sturdy and attractive – the luggage carrier can be used to mount the topcase or carry other larger items of luggage.

· Strong, torsionally rigid luggage carrier with an attractive design
· Mounting of the topcase or other items of luggage
· Supplied complete with installation instructions
· Colour: white aluminium, bottom black

Liner for topcase

Full protection for all contents with the practical, dimensionally stable liner: It’s got a waterproof main compartment, makes full use of the topcase’s capacity and (un-)packing luggage at the vehicle is “the work of a moment”.

· Practical holdall-type liner for the topcase
· Perfect shaped fit with full utilisation of the available stowage capacity
· 1 large main compartment at bottom, 1 smaller lid compartment at top
· Main compartment waterproof with welded liner, with sportsbag-type closure
· Long zip fastener for easy access to main compartment and lid compartment
· 1 mesh inner pocket with zip fastener in lid of main compartment and 1 in lid of lid compartment
· Strong EVA base and reinforced sides, so sturdy and able to retain shape
· Adjustable, removable, padded shoulder strap
· Carry handle at back
· BMW Motorrad logotype at back
· Colour: black


Touring windscreen, clear

More riding comfort and clear vision – the higher touring windscreen comes with scratch-proof coating and offers improved wind and weather protection.

· Higher than standard windscreen (approx. +20 cm)
· Increased wind and weather protection for more comfort
· Scratch-proof coating on both sides for unimpaired long-term transparency
· General Operating Permit

Comfort rider’s seat

The comfort rider's seat enables a more relaxed sitting position, providing increased comfort. Also available as an optional extra.

· Higher seated position, particularly for tall riders
· More comfort on account of comfortable angle of the knees and optimised seat angle
· Seat height: 785 mm (standard: 765 mm)
· Seated-arc length: 1770 mm (standard: 1745 mm)
· Also available as a "comfort seat" optional equipment (fitted ex-works)
· Colour: black

Heated handlebar grips

Warmth as required – with the three-stage adjustable grip heating your hands are always at a pleasant temperature and the ride even more enjoyable. Also available as an optional extra.

· Retrofit of the optional heated handlebar grips
· Also available as optional extra


Holder for BMW Motorrad Navigator

Always keeping an eye on the route – that’s especially easy with the
Bracket for attaching: BMW Motorrad Navigator V, BMW Motorrad Navigator Street or Smartphone Cradle.

· Vehicle-specific holder
· Suitable for the BMW Motorrad Navigator V (and older), Navigator Street or Smartphone Cradle
· Optimum positioning in the rider's field of vision


Mirror glass, aspheric

Less blind spots, more 360 degree view – the curved surface of the aspheric mirror glass enlarges the field of vision and when correctly adjusted eliminates the blind spot almost completely.

· Partially curved mirror face to enlarge the field of vision
· Almost complete elimination of the blind spot
· More riding safety, particularly in city traffic with frequent lane changes

Anti-theft alarm

The system responds to changes of position and to vibration with a loud audible signal and flashing hazard warning lights. Also available as an optional extra.

· Effective protection against theft of the vehicle
· Warnings issued acoustically and visually if position is changed or severe vibration is experienced
· Installation and enabling by authorised BMW Motorrad dealers only
· Also available as optional extra


AC quick charge cable

Get going again faster, even when on the road! The AC quick charge cable is suitable for public charging stations and 16 A AC wallboxes and reduces the charging time by up to 25 %. Afterwards it can be perfectly stowed under the motorcycle seat. Available with 3 ECE standard connectors.

· Charging cable for public charging stations (when away from home base) and wallboxes (garage)
· Reduces charging time by more than 20 % vis-à-vis the time needed with the standard charging cable.
· 3 versions with different ECE standard connectors for country-specific infrastructure offerings: type 2, type 3 and type CEE
· Connection to the vehicle with connector type 1
· Maximum charge current: 16 A alternating current (AC)
· Maximum charging power: 3 kW
· Stows away in helmet compartment underneath the motorcycle seat

Protective cover

Snug-fitting, waterproof and breathable – the cover protects the C evolution from rain, dirt and other environmental influences. Made of tear-proof and UV-resistant material.

· Snug-fitting, waterproof cover made of nylon with waterproof PU coating
· Protects against rain, dirt and other environmental influences
· Tear-proof, UV-resistant, breathable, dirt-repellent
· Stows away neatly in the pouch provided for the purpose
· Colour: black
· Grey BMW Motorrad logotype on outer face