GS Trophy 2010.

Through South Africa in 7 days.

10 teams from 13 nations fought for the victory on an approximately 2000 kilometer long route across South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. In doing so, the participants had to pass numerous special challenges. Among them exhausting river crossings, demanding rides through the jungle as well as long and deep mud passages. 

Highlight video 2010

The BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2010 has reached its conclusion and despite very strong final day challenges Team UK has emerged as the winner. The victory came over Team South Africa with Team Nordic third. 

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The final day involved a trials riding special test at the Country Trax estate (riding a BMW R 1200 GS), followed by a 300 km return journey to Johannesburg ,where the results of the final photo competition were later announced – all on a hot sunny day with temperatures in the high 20s (ºC). The trial involved sections containing a seesaw, tree logs, and iron beams. Team South Africa convincingly won, while Team Nordic also outpointed Team UK for the runner-up position. This reversed the points table, putting Team South Africa in the lead by one point with just the photo competition results to be decided. 

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The photo competition has proven a great success and this third and final round saw over 10,000 votes cast. Team Canada won with almost a third of the votes but Team UK importantly snuck in as runners-up, while Team Nordic significantly also beat Team South Africa for third.

And so with scores of 152 to 151, Team UK regained their lead – a lead they have held since day three – and took the GS Trophy title. Team Nordic were third, just two points behind South Africa.

This is what Alastair Allan, Team UK, had to say about his team’s outstanding performance: “What can I say? Job done. Great feeling, loads of fun. As a good friend of mine says, it might have been only one point but a win’s a win, and that’s all there is to it. It’s been a fantastic time. We made a brilliant team, we all got on like a house on fire and that’s what made it a great event to take part in. And I think the fact that the team got on so well is the reason the result ended up as it did.” 

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Tomm Wolf, co-organiser GS Trophy: “Everyone is at home, standing on their own two feet and smiling – I’m really happy now. My really tough part was mid-week, crossing the border for Mozambique and then reaching the Indian Ocean. I was so happy to get there ¬– we’d called the day ‘Mission Ponta’ – and after that the most difficult part was over. We’re looking to 2012 now. People have asked can we better this? I think we can. Can you imagine breakfast in Machu Pichu or canoeing on Lake Titicaca? I think we can find nice places.” 

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The whole week was great. The first thing is not to win, but see new things, to help each other. “

Johannes de Cuitiis, Team Alps