Start the engine, start the fun. That’s how easy it can be. What others see as asphalt, is the stuff emotions are made of for others. Life happens here on the road. Every minute is a pleasure. Time is the most important luxury commodity. This mode of transportation is a movement – towards what really counts. Simply follow your mood, and celebrate freedom and indulgence. Ideally in good company. Because every journey can be made better by sharing the experience with others.

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Up in the mountains, the asphalt feels different. It gives you a feeling of freedom. The proximity to nature sharpens your senses. A herd of goats crossing the road is an opportunity for a brief, but welcome break. Let go and simply enjoy what’s in front of you. The next milestones can wait. Everything is in flow, the scenery makes your heart sing.

Plenty of experiences to ensure you have a deep, restful sleep before you head out again the next day. It will be a brand new day with magnificent encounters, either on or next to your bike. Simply being who we are makes us a part of this community, with no pressure and no expectations. We are united only by a shared passion and attitude towards life. Sharing of experiences and insider tips is encouraged.

After the tour is before the tour. When you put your bike away, you start the countdown to your next ride. Always present: the thrill of looking forward to these moments, when you can simply let the flow take you. No thoughts of yesterday. The daily grind disappears in the rear-view mirror. The next experience is already waiting, just around the next curve. With unadulterated joy.

A journey for the ears
Evokes wanderlust: In the BMW Motorrad podcast, Ride and Talk, people share stories from their motorcycling trips.
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Simply let the flow take you and enjoy


Life is found in experiences

Life is found in experiences

The day begins with the first gentle rays of sunshine rising over the horizon. The excitement is palpable. After a pleasant breakfast, you set off on the next stage. Clear blue skies are the perfect backdrop for the many new experiences that the route has in store for you. At the next stop, new friends await you with their bikes, and you can enjoy a perfectly brewed espresso.

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Your experience – your bike

Your experience – your bike

Your dream tour starts with your perfectly equipped bike. Comfortable seats and clever storage spaces are must-haves if you want to get the most out of your lengthy tour. Unshakeable performance makes every stretch a pleasant experience. Plenty of safety features and a touch of luxury make every tour unforgettable. Let the World of Tourers inspire your next trip.

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It is time for freedom and friendships

Find experiences and like-minded people who will stay with you forever.


Rent, experience and fall in love

Rent your dream bike and find out what you need.

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An adventure awaits around every curve – now all you need is the right bike.

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