The insatiable hunger for new experiences. The drive to explore, simply get on your bike and ride off. Ideally, you’ll take the next turn-off and finally set out on your next adventure. This drive, the need to see every trip as an opportunity, the compulsion to collect experience. That’s the mindset; the name of the game. At the end of the day, there is no going back, no hesitation – only forwards. 

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A familiar destination, unfamiliar routes


The next experience is waiting for you, just around the corner or on the other side of the world. Unfamiliar routes broaden your horizons – be it in your home country or in a faraway land. Every trip creates memories that shape who you are and stay with you forever. You’ll build character and conquer new terrain along the way.

Discover new cultures and secluded places while following the tracks of the Int. GS Trophy. Sleeping in a Bedouin tent or a hammock. And the very next day, you have deserts, jungles, and serpentines to look forward to: what could be better? The joy you feel when reaching the end of the next stage, and on the way there.

The new friendships you find are an added bonus that enriches the adventure. Be it just for today, or for the rest of your life. The challenges you face together bring you closer together in the here and now. Together, we can cover great distances and overcome any obstacle. These experiences bring people together.

International GS Trophy
The International GS Trophy is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that demands everything from international participants.
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The desire to learn how to redefine freedom again and again


This is a journey that never ends

This is a journey that never ends

Every kilometre covered, every stage completed – all of these puzzle pieces come together to form the personality. Forks in the road, diversions, and obstacles all build character. 

The journey never ends: you accumulate a collection of unforgettable experiences that enrich you and mark your way through life. 

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Regardless of the weather or the terrain: challenge accepted. Every moment along the way is there to be mastered. That’s the challenge, and giving up is not an option. Uphill or downhill, on asphalt or off-road. New places want to be explored, new friends are waiting to meet you. Everything takes place in this moment, and everything else falls away.

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When anticipation becomes adventure

Nothing shapes us as much as true experiences – plan your next adventure now. 


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