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This is where we express our passion for life with and on a bike. We showcase people who go the extra mile for this passion. And we also throw light on topics that convey an unadulterated love of motorcycling. The mantra: MAKE LIFE A RIDE. Are you ready?

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BMW Motorrad MetaRide: The test ride with a difference

Test ride into the future: experience the BMW CE 02 in our Metaverse Space.
3 min

Rent A Ride: Dream route seeks dream bike

Rent a bike in your neighbourhood and head off on your unforgettable motorcycling tour.
5 min

“The Future Shack“: Thinking forward

Creative minds take a look at the future of individual mobility.
4 min

FUEL FOR LIFE: Fuel for your memories

The experience platform for unforgettable TRAVEL to RENTAL experiences.
6 min

Events: We celebrate life on two wheels

Discover events for motorsport, customising, touring or off-road fans.
4 min

International GS Trophy: A once-in-a-lifetime off-road experience

Milestones, rivers, mountains – the International GS Trophy is the ultimate adventure.
5 min

BMW Motorrad Welt: A home for fans of motorcycling

Events, discussion and gastronomic highlights: BMW Motorrad Welt in Berlin.
4 min

Ride and Talk: A real audio experience

Thrilling interviews and emotional stories in the BMW Motorrad podcast.
3 min

BMW Motorrad Motorsport

A global success story: immerse yourself in the ultimate racetrack experience.

Experience motorsport

My BMW Motorrad: Your digital garage

Make the most of useful services and features on the exclusive portal.

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    Life is an adventure both on- and off-road. Never planned, but exciting and spontaneous.
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