A quick call, an espresso, ready to go. Travelling from your office at home to a co-working space, going out for lunch, and quickly stopping by at that new pop-up store in the evening. Flexibility is as much a standard component of life as it is for Scooters, eParkourers, and co. Popping from A to B, without having to wait in traffic for too long. There’s always a gap somewhere. Time is the new luxury commodity. After all, time brings experiences. Stagnation is a no-go. There’s always so much to explore.

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Time is the true status symbol


Smartphone, Scooter, jacket, helmet: Everything is connected. Everything is becoming more intelligent, better connected, and above all, quicker. Not everybody is inclined to keep up with this pace. However, for some, this is exactly where they’re in their element. These people are #PluggedToLife. They celebrate this lifestyle and are already working on the next big thing. Why wait when you can get involved in shaping the future?

The possibilities are truly endless. Life choices, career prospects, or simply on your next shopping trip. Everything can be found in just a few clicks. The thought has barely passed through your mind and your order is already on its way. It goes even more quickly when supported by AI. The future could look different in as little as four weeks. If you embrace this phenomenon, you can flow with life – as smoothly as you can ride a scooter on a roundabout in Rome.

At the same time, durability, eco-friendliness, and quality are important values. How do they all come together? Quite simply because anything is possible. Not everything has to be new, not everything has to be your own. Minimalism is permitted. Increasingly, it’s also modern and electric. It can be that way, but it doesn’t have to be. True freedom lies in resisting apparent contradictions.

“The Future Shack” by BMW Motorrad
At the “Future Shack”, we are on the lookout for new ideas for the mobile urban lifestyle.
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BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY
A look to the future: The Vision AMBY serves as inspiration for the future of mobility in urban areas.
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Exploit all of the possibilities


From 0 to electrified

From 0 to electrified

Simply hop on, press a button, and you’ll be flying through the city. One, two, three: 50 km/h. Leave everyone else in the dust at the traffic lights, wind your way through the gaps, and just have fun. Get electrified with the CE 02 or CE 04 and take your neighbourhood by storm.

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Your experience – your bike

Your experience – your bike

Be it a scooter or an eParkourer: It’s never just a mode of transport. It’s always a statement, too. The fully electric CE 02 eParkourer is a stylish and environmentally friendly mode of transport. Just like the Scooter, it stands for fun and spontaneity. They can conquer the city and countless hearts with agility and grace. Will you join the world of Urban Mobility?

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Your flow, your experiences

Jump into the next experience and put a tick on your bucket list.


Rent, experience and fall in love

Rent your dream bike and find out what you need.

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#PluggedToLife in your garage

Your style, your flow, your bike: configure now. 

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