Be individual, follow your own path based entirely on conviction. Be authentic, while also giving others the room to grow. That is more than a conviction – that is a lifestyle. And of course, a very special, individual style goes hand-in-hand with that. When choosing your clothing, music, friends – and bikes, too, of course.

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Soul is all that matters


It’s about expressing your own personality, your very own way of life. The best is always the benchmark, be it from today or from the past. 

Together with our fellow travellers, friends, or connoisseurs, we share perfect moments and events – ideally by bike. Not just any bike. After all, the bike breathes life into this special world-view, too. Soul is all that matters.

It’s about expressing individuality, while also being part of a community. Experiencing the joy of cruising together, sharing enthusiasm for special experiences, and celebrating life on two wheels.

This bike is a call to action
The BMW R 18 cordially invites you to individualise it with your own ideas.
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BMW Motorrad Days
Pure #Soulfuel in the Heritage Area: Experience the engine sounds, guitar riffs, and #Soulfuel bikes in action.
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Always enjoy the ride


A love of the unique

A love of the unique

Take time to enjoy the good things in life. Especially in this fast-paced world. That’s not a luxury concept; it is an expression of a world-view that gives the soul room to breathe. Quality over quantity, exclusivity over mediocrity, individuality over run-of-the-mill.

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The perfect day? Starts with a ride at sunrise. Riding along a gently winding coastal road, with the boundless power of the boxer engine beneath you. The destination that awaits you: the small coastal town at the end of the ride, with the best barbecue in the area. You’ll need no more, and no less.  

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Unique experiences

Nothing shapes us as much as sharing experiences with like-minded people.


Rent, experience and fall in love

Rent your dream bike and find out what you need.

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#Soulfuel in your garage

Configure your BMW motorcycle, tailored to your style and needs.

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    Functionality and safety never looked better. A classic look, interpreted in a modern way.
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