Every day is a good day for new challenges. Simply get on your bike, turn the engine on – complete focus. Leave the daily grind behind. Maximise your feeling of freedom in seconds with just a small turn of the hand. Adrenaline is the fuel that drives performance. Those who have tested the limits of a Roadster’s performance, a super sport bike’s winning genes, the long-distance performance of a Crossover, or the motorsports DNA of an M bike, all have the superpower of turning every kilometre into an unforgettable experience.

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Performance intensifies every moment


The sun is shining, the asphalt is shimmering in the heat. Perfect conditions for top speeds and maximum lean angles. The racetrack sits there like an invitation. Curve by curve. The perfect line yearns to be driven. The roar of the engine invades all of your senses. Challenge accepted: #NeverStopChallenging. 

Sometimes, a single letter is enough to evoke emotions: M. Precision, exclusivity and motorsports genetics exude an irresistible power of attraction. An M bike is like a promise: Everything you need, but nothing is just standard. Every trip: an unforgettable experience. The benchmark is set by those who ride a technically perfect bike like this one. 

Not everybody wants to keep challenging themselves, but for some, that’s exactly what makes riding a motorbike what so special. Constantly improving yourself, always striving for the perfect line, or simply watching the world pass by at high speeds. The fascination in technology and materials is always on board. As is humility in the face of impressive power.

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LEGO® Technic™ M 1000 RR
The LEGO® Technic M RR with a 1:5 scale was created in close cooperation with LEGO® Technic.
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When it comes to superbikes, everything revolves around achieving top performance.


Sepp Mächler

Senior Expert Product Manager BMW Motorrad

There’s no going back

There’s no going back

The key in your hand feels like it’s getting heavier and heavier. Your heart races, you can feel your pulse all over. Adrenaline is flowing through your veins. You feel like you’re in a tunnel. The Performance bike stands there like an invitation. Get on! Now! There’s no going back. It’s the first time on the racetrack. And it won’t be the last time. 

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Your experience – your bike

Your experience – your bike

From 0 to 200 in under six seconds. An M bike brings motorsports DNA and impressive performance to the asphalt. The Roadster also takes sporty riders by storm. The world of high performance is pure fascination.

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At 300 km/h, you’re in a tunnel


Peter Hickman

British motorcycle racer

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