A Clockwork Orange.

The BMW Concept Ninety honours a style-defining icon.

Customizer Roland Sands and the BMW Motorrad design team create a reminiscence of the legendary BMW R 90 S from the 70s. The BMW Concept Ninety pays homage to a golden motorcycle era.     

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BMW Concept Ninety


BMW Motorrad / Roland Sands Design


BMW Motorrad / Roland Sands




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A style-defining legend.

A style-defining legend.

Anyone celebrating their birthday should invite Roland Sands to the party. Because the customizer makes the best gifts. In 2013, to mark its 90th anniversary, BMW Motorrad received a gift from the Californian and his forge Roland Sands Design. Because this year marks the 40th anniversary of the BMW R 90 S, Roland created a reminiscence of the legendary 70s bike in close collaboration with the BMW Motorrad designer team. 

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For the creative minds, the BMW R 90 S was the perfect role model; a style-defining motorcycle that BMW presented in 1973 to the world as a top-of-the-range model of the "Dash Six" series. At almost 200 km/h, it was one of the fastest bikes of its time. For the first time in the development process, a designer created the ideal combination of form and function. The standard front trim panel of the BMW R 90 S inspired many other manufacturers. 

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Everything fits together perfectly: BMW technology, BMW history and our custom parts complement each other perfectly. ”

Roland Sands

Roland Sands Design

Like an wild animal.

Like an wild animal.

When the BMW Concept Ninety rides up 40 years later, the shrill orange that is reminiscent of the "Daytona Orange" of the BMW R 90 S immediately catches the eye. The relationship to the motorcycle design icon is also unmistakable in the terms of its shape: front panel, tank, seat bench and rear are a tribute to the legendary bike. The BMW Concept Ninety looks almost hunched over when viewed from the side, like a predator waiting to pounce. A line rising from the handlebars towards the rear creates this effect. The tank is dynamically shaped with retracted knee area; the rider can nestle on the machine and merge with it.  

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The bike in detail


Hand-crafted brushed aluminium body, dynamically shaped tank, milled front cover of the engine, valve cover, paralever link, air cleaner  

Front suspension

Round headlight with LED light elements, brake and clutch lever fitting, rim in racing design

Rear suspension

Rim in racing design  


Handmade manifolds and tailpipes   


Strong orange 

Eye catcher and harmony.

Although the BMW Concept Ninety is a tribute, it is still self-confident - also because of Roland's hand-crafted custom parts. The front cover of the engine and the valve covers were milled with the "contrastcut" method and stand out thanks to the special technology like shiny diamonds from the coal-black mechanical components. The self-made manifolds and tailpipes are also real eye-catchers. "For me it was important to translate the special meaning of the BMW R 90 S with its unique parts into the modern era - with emotional design and state-of-the-art technology", says Roland, explaining the idea behind the bike. The rims in classic racing design, which are reminiscent of the racing success of the BMW R 90 S in the 1970s, also form a bridge to the past.

The result of Roland's efforts is a modern interpretation of the essence of the motorcycle. "Everything fits together perfectly: BMW technology, BMW history and our custom parts complement each other perfectly", says the tinkerer. And maybe he can build another historic bike soon; 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad. Then Roland could deliver his next gift. 

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