Whip up dust.

With the Maxx Headroom from Gunn Design.

Dan Riley from Gunn Design proves with his modification of the BMW R nineT that he is a customizer of the next generation. With his Maxx Headroom, the American pursues two goals: beauty and wild action on the dusty ovals of the flat-track race.  

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Maxx Headroom


Gunn Design


Dan Riley


BMW R nineT




Flat Tracker

The quiet before the storm.

The quiet before the storm.

When Dan Riley completed his version of the BMW R nineT, he presented it proudly. His masterpiece, which he christened Maxx Headroom, shone in freshly polished black and anthracite-coloured paint, the Buchanan’ spokes sparkled silver. The Flat Tracker is magnificent; minimalistic, dynamic and well-proportioned. But the fact that not even a dust particular could be found on the bike would not be the case for long. It was the "quiet before the storm", Dan warned, adding: "It will never be so clean again."     

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Even the small petrol tank of a 400-ccm super sports bike, which replaced the standard bodywork, alludes to the mindset with which Dan built his bike. He pictured a wiry sport bike in the style of the Flat Track Racer that is so popular in the States. It should not wither away as purely a show bike: "I got it into my head to participate with the BMW in the 'RSD Super Hooligan National Championship'." IN order to make a machine for the dusty oval out of the R nineT, Dan made a 2-in-2 titanium exhaust system in his workshop to save weight and attract attention with bold elbow swing. The narrowly cut carbon lowered seat is also light as a feather. For improved roadholding in the extremities, he fitted a spring strut from Race-Tech. Aluminium footrests from Biltwell enable optimal contact with the motorcycle. Dunlop-DT3 racing tyres highlight the claim of the tinkerer to optimally equip his motorcycle for the tight corners of the racetrack. Dan replaced the standard wheels with a combination of aluminium hubs from Woodyʼs Wheel Works and Sun rims. 

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I see it as my task to make the world more beautiful. And my motorcycles are my world. “

Dan Riley

Gunn Design

The bike in detail


Modified rear frame


400 cc petrol tank of a super sports car, tightly cut carbon cradle seat, Biltwell aluminum footpegs

Front suspension

Fork by Race-Tech, wheels by Sun, aluminum hubs by Woody's Wheel Works

Rear suspension

Suspension strut by Race-Tech


Homemade, raised 2-in-2 titanium exhaust system  


Anthracite- and black-coloured 

In use on the Oval.

What emerged was a bike that is not just something for the racetrack but also for the eye. And this is Dan's claim. "I see it as my task to make the world more beautiful. And after all, motorcycles are my world", says Dan, who works on his projects in his studio Gunn Design. "Over the years, I have assembled dozens of bikes." The freelance graphic designer is a prime example of a customer of the next generation. And he was right: the Maxx Headroom would never be as clean as at the first presentation. At three Super Hooligan races, Dan drove his BMW R nineT over the sandy Oval, at the Buffalo Chip, Wheels and Waves California and The See See. However, the first did not affect his bike's beauty – quite the opposite in fact.

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