Simple elegance.

Auto Fabrica makes the Type 18 design study from the R nineT.

Less is more: That is the motto of the brothers Bujar and Gazmend Muharremi, who are among the best on the British scene with their custom shop Auto Fabrica and who are constantly setting trends. With an elegant design and curved lines, they have refined the R nineT and created a new Soul Fuel bike – the Type 18 is unexcited, but differently exciting.

Profile description


Type 18


Auto Fabrica


Bujar Muharremi, Gazmend Muharremi


R nineT Scrambler

Construction/ conversion



Cafe Racer

The limit breaker.

The limit breaker.

Bujar And Gazmend rarely get excited for the design of a standard bike. However: The sparks were jumping right away when the brothers viewed the R nineT Scrambler. "This bike definitely ignited the fire in us." The first ideas for the Type 18 came about at an earlier stage and have their origin in geometric architecture and aircraft design. That's no accident, as Bujar and Gazmend were inspired in Munich's BMW Museum. "We immediately fell in love with the older aircraft with the BMW engines." The brothers are generally interested in cars and motorcycles from the period 1910 to 1980, and the designs of the most beautiful and expensive bikes of that time make their way into their conversions.

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We aren't excited about many bikes straightaway. But the R nineT Scrambler definitely ignited the fire in us. “

Bujar Muharremi

Auto Fabrica

Every discipline under one roof.

As with every other conversion, the brothers first spend a great deal of time viewing the series bike from all sides. To get a better idea of the project, they research intensively and create a mood board for the R nineT – many ideas flow into the design process. Using sketches and 3D models, these customizers visualize how the Type 18 will look before the metal is worked. "Throughout the project, we harmoniously integrate sketches, 3D modeling, and metalworking right through to the final product."

The customizers work with old production techniques and combine them with modern design language – the metamorphosis from R nineT Scrambler to Type 18 lasted more than a year. The most difficult part of the build is the handworked aluminium trim and seamlessly integrating this into the standard frame. As elegant as the Type 18 may look, manufacturing the details is a very elaborate process, the level of construction and design extremely complex.

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Handmade. Or from the 3D printer.

Handmade. Or from the 3D printer.

Auto Fabrica manufactures its own covers for the cylinder heads. "We love them, they are really unique," say the brothers. The same applies to the handmade exhaust pipe with the curved silencer. Or the holder for the headlights, which is produced via 3D printer. The two customizers set the bar high. "The bike is a retro-modern, conceptual design study that pushes the limits of vehicle design." Typical Auto Fabrica – super minimalistic, very detailed, and extremely high quality.

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The bike in detail


Partially modified, largely standard


Hand-finished aluminum, 3D-printed holder for the headlight, aluminum tank, and custom seat bench

Front suspension

Handlebar from Renthal, fork from the BMW S 1000 RR

Rear suspension

Rear shock absorber from Maxton Engineering, swing arm from the R nineT, rear wheel from the R nineT Racer


Stainless steel

The elaborately handcrafted front fairing
Attention to detail is also reflected in the choice of colours
Auto Fabrica: Type 18
Close-up of the minimalistic cockpit
The striking rear fairing of the bike also bears the signature of Auto Fabrica
A special engine deserves special coverage
The tank fits beautifully into the overall design
Distinctive and unmistakable: the front of the bike
The bike is a retro-modern, conceptual design study that pushes the limits of vehicle design. “

Bujar Muharremi

Auto Fabrica


From design to end product: With every discipline under one roof, Auto Fabrica designs, prototypes, and manufactures the modifications. The harmonious balance between function and form, with outstanding and unique products at the same time, take centre stage at this workshop founded in 2013. Both Gazmend as well as Bujar are at home with design: Gazmend completed a degree in product design. And Bujar has a masters degree in automotive design, having worked for supercar manufacturers, among others, before founding Auto Fabrica. Both have a meticulous attention to detail and work with a high degree of craftsmanship.

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