Finding an almost untouched part of the earth with exciting trails for the Int. GS Trophy 2022 in Europe – a seemingly unrealistic mission for our scouts. But then they discovered Albania with its fantastic landscapes. One thing immediately becomes clear: this is where new adventure stories will be written this year.

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A country with character

With a population of 2.8 million, most of which lives in the larger cities, Albania is located on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. On average, it lies at altitudes of 708 metres above sea level and the country’s highest peak is at 2,751 metres. The mountainous, sometimes alpine landscape makes it a paradise for GS riders.

The local population is proud of its traditions. Traditional clothing includes the pleated skirt for men, the bell skirt for women or the traditional, white felt cap.

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A country with traditions

A country with traditions

An important part of Albanian folklore is the popular dances staged on special occasions. Women tend to dance more lyrical dances, while men demonstrate bravery and pride with their performances. Albania clearly forms part of the Mediterranean in terms of its cuisine. Traditionally, several dishes are put in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy and share.

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I am deeply impressed by Albanians’ hospitality.


Ralf Rodepeter

Head of Marketing and Product Management

This is where heroes are made

Bravery and pride: the element Albanian dances express will be brought to life by the riders on their Enduros. Thanks to epic trails, Albania offers the perfect backdrop for the Int. GS Trophy 2022. This is where we test our own limits, make new friends and cultivate a team spirit.

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