Dakar by bike.

Insider tips from rally legend Hubert Auriol.

Hubert Auriol knows the former destination of the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally like the inside of his motorcycle jacket pocket. He recently returned to his favourite spots in the Senegalese capital. Tips for a motorcycle tour in Dakar.

Rally legend Hubert Auriol found a second home in Dakar. He's treated like a star whenever he shows up there. In fact, he's so much of a celebrity that he was named an honorary citizen of the city. Hubert has always loved returning to this place. Not least because he was born in Ethiopia and spent his early childhood there. Thus it's no surprise that Africa plays a big role in his life. "The Senegalese are incredibly open and friendly", Hubert says. His route through Dakar takes us to places that hold special memories for him.

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