Int. GS Trophy Female Team Qualifier 2019.

From 24 - 26 October 2019 at Enduro Park, Andalusia (Spain).

It is your last chance to secure a spot at the Int. GS Trophy 2020 in New Zealand. Both islands will see at last one female team, consisting of three riders, making the road quake. The Int. Female Team Qualifier at the end of October will decide who starts in spring 2020. Only the two best riders from participating countries that are not yet set up for a national team will be invited. This year, riders will battle over the coveted spots in Spain.

Women are taking over the GS Trophy.

Women are taking over the GS Trophy.

Female riders have been kicking up dirt at the event since 2016. Two years later, two female teams have already gone on to start in the Int. GS Trophy. Not just that:  Enduro riders have been setting the direction as marshals. We are sure of one thing: Female GS riders will challenge the national teams again in 2020, inspiring Enduro fans with their performance.

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