Take the first hurdle...

...and be part of the trip of a lifetime.

Even before the International GS Trophy, sweat flows - and dirt flies: The participants of the national Qualifier have to prove themselves with driving skills, sufficient fitness and a large amount of willpower. Stay up to date and see which riders have successfully completed the national Qualifier and form a team. Until all starting places for the Int. GS Trophy 2020 in New Zealand have been assigned, we will update this page for you regularly.


These teams have already qualified and will be part of the Int. GS Trophy 2020. In New Zealand they compete against each other and have to face demanding special stages. Have a look at the participants here and learn more about their lives and motivation.



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The national Qualifier for these teams are still pending. Check here whether your country is participating and whether the registration phase has already started. Soon it will be clear which riders have qualified successfully and will travel to New Zealand together. In this sense: Stay tuned!



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